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Bedroom! Embracing The Maximalism Trend
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"Interior design is the art and science of understanding people's behavior to create functional spaces within a building"

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eInterior Design is a website and Blog site dedicated to bringing you stunning, creative and innovative interior design ideas.

As well as bringing you stunning photogrpahy of interior design we will also be providing expert knowledge, Tips & Tricks and secrets to creating your own stunning space within your home. A fantastic way of decorating your home is by creating personalised prints. You can find fantastic print designs to fit in with your decor and they also add character to your living space.

Stunning open-space Kitchen/Living room.
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Tips and Tricks to help you plan your perfect space. Whether its a new en-suite, Kitchen, Garden Room or Living Room.

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Renovating your home can be a huge task and careful planning can save you time and money. Buying the right materials that will last a lifetime will ensure you dont have to pay out any more money any time soon, this is why we recommend flat roof kits to take the hassle out of updating your flat roof.

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Interior Design Ideas - We upload stunning images as well as provide free and professional tips and tricks.

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As well as interior design we also have experts in Architectural Design​. We focus on components or elements of a structure which may include installing a flat glass roof or green roof into your home or office.

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As well as spaces within the home, we have all of the latest creative and innovative design ideas for the perfect office space.

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Creating the perfect Garden can be a challenge in itself but maintaining a garden all year round can be an even hard task. This is why we recommend cheap artificial grass as well as choosing the right colour fence which will save you time so you can keep on top of your garden.

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Design Ideas! Embracing The Maximalism Trend

So what is it that made us love the maximalism design? Well, firstly the bright and vibrant colours and the idea that you can’t really go wrong with it. The minimalist style has been going strong for many years now, but people started to miss the ‘comfort’ feel which is when Hygge and the comfort lifestyle came back in to fashion. When we design our homes with comfort in mind, it usually consists of filling our homes with items that we love. What Maximalism means, is the idea of styling our homes with even more of those things that we love. Without being cluttered or messy, Maximalism is quite easy to achieve and you dont need to go in full-on for maximalism, but you can use the best of the trend to transform your space. 

The basics of Maximalism…
Lot’s of colour! Bright and vibrant works well!
Lot’s of Artwork – More the better!
Aim for comfort and add only the things you really love.
Maximalism lovesa good book – Add books!
Dont be a perfectionist, aim for personalization.

Maximalism is defined by the opportunities it presents. It welcomes diverse aesthetics, excess, decadence and extravagance by breaking traditional design rules.

Maximalism is adding LOTS of colour as well as your choice of artwork.

If you love vobrant colours and decor then this style will be perfect for you. To create a happy maximalist room, warm color choices with gentle patterns are a must-have.  You can include your own decorating style in your maximalist room, which will work perfectly with boho, English country and other joyfuyl styles..

Makeover Plans For Kitchen/Dining Room

Designing your Kitchen or Dining Area is a massive deal! It’s a place we spend a lot of time and usually becomes a main feature of any home. Designing your Kitchen or Dining area requires some careful planning. Draw Your Floor Plan. There are a few online tools to help you draw your floorplan, as well as good kitchen design tools. Then you can choose what to furnish Your Kitchen with. This includes kitchen cabinets, appliances, fixtures, and more. Again, there are many good online planners that will show your Kitchen in 3D once completed. An important step is to plan the layout in a way that makes the best use of the space.

TOP TIP! There are free Kitchen Design Tools online. The Ikea 3D Kitchen Planner. Ikea’s 3D Kitchen Planner is an easy to use kitchen design tool designed for use in modern browsers and is free to use!

You can add interest with tiles and also pick bold units. Use open shelving and decorate in country charm. Another style tip is to try and mix rustic & modern touches.


The kitchen needed to be clean, crisp and bright. Soft colour combinations with stunning wooden worktop.

If you’re looking to include a kitchen island in your plan, which may contain a sink or other appliance, then you must ensure that plumbing and electricity supplies are in place before flooring is laid. If this is missed, it could cost you a pretty penny in fixing! So make sure you work out where appliances, no matter biugger or small, are going to be to ensure that you plenty of electric sockets when you need them!

How to brighten up your Kitchen area with Natural Daylight!

There are many ways of lighting up our home, but one way which is becoming more popular when renovating is by adding a Roof Window. Not only does this flood areas with natural light, its cheap – Because its free! Kitchen areas are perfect for this especially if you plan to have an island. Roof Lanterns make great visual features too! With various manufactures, there are many choices available online. A couple that we reccomend are SkyPod Roof Lanterns and Korniche. These are low cost, high performance Roof Lanterns that are availabe in various sizes and finishes. You can find these from various online retailers.

Did you know? Natural Daylight Boosts vitamin D. When exposed to sunlight, the skin absorbs vitamin D, a critical nutrient that prevents bone loss and reduces the risk of heart disease, weight gain, and various cancers.

2 Stunning Roof Lanterns, Powder Coated RAL 7016 to match the rest of the house and windows.

Roof Lanterns make a great feature as well as flooding rooms with tons of natural daylight.

According to the Planning Portal on June 23rd 2015, you should not need to apply for planning permission to add Roof Lanterns or Skylights in to your Flat Roof. This is because the current permitted development rules allow for roof alterations. But you should always check with your local council. If you are creating an orangery extension or Conservatory it will provide you with an extra room in your house, but does mean you will be giving up some garden space.

If your extension is under a certain size, you will again not need planning permission, but instead the work can be carried out under ‘permitted development’. But again please check with your local council.

How to prepare for Christmas

Christmas time, who doesnt love it? Something we all tend to love about Christmas, apart from the gifts and large amounts of food, is decorating. So where do we start when it comes to decorating our homes for Christmas? Well, there’s stringing lights on the tree, decorating the house with ornaments, decorating the tree with some garland or some popcorn chains – Don’t forget to add a tree topper and decorating around the bottom of the tree!
And if you feel that putting and setting up the tree is a bit too much on your own, get the kids involved – It’s a great time for everyone then!

Top Tip! Try ordering Christmas decorations online in the summer times, places like Amazon and eBay will have really cheap Christmas Decor when its out of season. Christmas time can be costly enough without having to pay out for expensive decor.

It only takes a few simple steps to spruce up and breathe new life into your home ready for Christmas.

Red and Green Colour Scheme always works for Christmas themed interiors.

Nothing is as easy as rearranging your furniture for a new look for Christmas. (For larger pieces you may want to shout a friend for some help.) It’s quite incredible the difference it makes by adjusting and re-arranging furniture. Simply moving a sofa, a table, dresser or bed. Your room may even end up feeling a good bit larger, and we can all do with the extra space especially at Christmas time. It will certainly feel fresher and newer.

Another tip is to try and get your curtains, sheets, pillows and bedding a new look by adding decorations or ribbons to borders. Such a simple technique can make a huge difference to the feel of a room.

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