Design Ideas! Embracing The Maximalism Trend

So what is it that made us love the maximalism design? Well, firstly the bright and vibrant colours and the idea that you can’t really go wrong with it. The minimalist style has been going strong for many years now, but people started to miss the ‘comfort’ feel which is when Hygge and the comfort lifestyle came back in to fashion. When we design our homes with comfort in mind, it usually consists of filling our homes with items that we love. What Maximalism means, is the idea of styling our homes with even more of those things that we love. Without being cluttered or messy, Maximalism is quite easy to achieve and you dont need to go in full-on for maximalism, but you can use the best of the trend to transform your space. 

The basics of Maximalism…
Lot’s of colour! Bright and vibrant works well!
Lot’s of Artwork – More the better!
Aim for comfort and add only the things you really love.
Maximalism lovesa good book – Add books!
Dont be a perfectionist, aim for personalization.

Maximalism is defined by the opportunities it presents. It welcomes diverse aesthetics, excess, decadence and extravagance by breaking traditional design rules.

Maximalism is adding LOTS of colour as well as your choice of artwork.

If you love vobrant colours and decor then this style will be perfect for you. To create a happy maximalist room, warm color choices with gentle patterns are a must-have.  You can include your own decorating style in your maximalist room, which will work perfectly with boho, English country and other joyfuyl styles..

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